“Having had the misfortune of dealing with the aftermath of my wife’s all-too-frequent automotive encounters with stationary objects, we have seen more than our share of repair jobs, from cosmetic to considerable. I can attest to the fact that Bryan does excellent work — indistinguishable from the original. I know that we will be going back to him again…and again…and again…” -Bill B. of Sugarloaf Key

“All New Again is a Mobile Auto Body repair business that should definitely be contacted if you have any kind of body work problem. Bryan Sutter is a true professional who will give you excellent work at a modest price. He replaced a bumper, repaired a dent in my truck and restored old pin striping in less than a day for a fraction of what I thought I would have to pay. He is a true artisan and I give him my highest recommendation.” -Wayne C. of Glen Gardner, NJ

“Our son’s car received a rather huge dent in is front quarter panel while parked in Key West. It looked like someone’s butt had been jammed into it because while the dent was deep and wide, there was no paint damage.
A trip to the body shop produced a quote of over $1,100 to replace the quarter panel and paint it. We were told that the dent could not be pulled out without having the paint pop off the fender.
We then decided to give Bryan a shot at the damage because he said he could fix it for less than $300 and if we didn’t like the results, we wouldn’t have to pay for it. The long and short of the story is that in around 2 hours, Bryan using his Voodoo Magic, repaired the dent with NO damage to the paint. (This repair was done on a 2012 Acura RDX). I would rate the repair at about 99.5% of good as new. Without someone pointing out a very slightly irregular reflection pattern, you would never notice anything. It really looks great.
We cannot recommend Bryan highly enough. He’s easy to work with and delivers great results.” -Gail of Key West

“For several months I have been looking at the large dent on the rear door of my wife’s Acura MDX. I caused it when I backed her car into a palm tree. Thanks to you and your expertise workmanship, it is completely gone. Thank you for your quick response and friendly professionalism. You did an outstanding job at an affordable price and we highly recommend you to anyone in need of this type of body work for their vehicles.” -Jim of Key Largo

“Dear Bryan, I’m embarrassed to say, I was literally ill when I dinged my 2012 Mercedes SLK350, but I immediately thought of All New Again. I think you are a genius.  It is a pleasure to find someone who both strives for and achieves perfection in their work.  You are a true artist!  Thank You again.” -Hugh K of Key West

“When we called “All New Again”, we were happy to get an appointment that afternoon. End result?  The dent repair on our truck was exceptional…like it never happened! We highly recommend them if you are looking for excellent service at a fair price!” -Stella & Keith of Duck Key

“Bryan was a breath of fresh air. He called when he said he would; he showed up (twice) when he said he would, and was a pleasure to deal with. My 2010 Lincoln Navigator had several door dents, one of which was ENORMOUS. Bryan said he couldn’t guarantee he could get them all out, but he did! I am delighted with his service, his attitude, his price, and most of all his overall performance. Thanks Bryan!” – Sue of Marathon

“I was very happy with the repairs done to my car by All New Again. The work was done in an amazingly short time, the dent repair and paint job were excellent, and the cost was probably less than half what I would have paid at a traditional body shop. In addition, I received a ride to my residence and then back to my car when the work was completed, and the owner/repairman was very pleasant to deal with. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who needs bodywork done on their vehicle.” -Phyllis B. of Key West

“Bryan I just wanted to say thank you for the fine work you did today on my 2004 Jeep. Despite being an older vehicle I’ve kept it in nearly perfect condition – except for one dent, that bugs me every time I look at it. Today, you not only removed the dent without requiring any paint, but you did the work on-site and for a fair price. Consider yourself recommended to all my friends. Thanks again!” -Kevin D. of Key West

“My husband and I are absolutely delighted with the exceptional job you did on our cars.  I remember when I came out of the grocery store one day and found a grocery cart rammed against my pride and joy, the only sportscar I have ever had.  I actually cried when I saw the damage, but Bryan did such a beautiful job and I am so grateful to him. The other car had damage to the front and rear bumper plus very faded hazy headlights and again he did a perfect job making everything look brand new again. In addition, how great to have the convenience of Bryan coming to the house.  We can’t say enough about his caring and professionalism.  He did everything he said he would do.  Cannot recommend him highly enough.” –  Mike and Lindsay Leonard of Marathon

“I am SO pleased by the great work Bryan did to fix a dent on my car. It was so convenient to have him come to my house. The car looks like new. Thanks Bryan !!!” – Susan B. of Key Colony Beach

“Bryan.. every customer can’t be wrong! I just want to add my own thanks to the many Keys residents who have appreciated your professionalism and talent. The repair was just great, and the convenience off the charts! I look forward to calling you again if the need arises!” – Risha of Summerland Key

“My headlights were yellowed, dull and hazy – after Bryan’s restoration they look brand new!” – Adrian of Little Torch Key

“Dear Bryan, I would like to Thank you for the exceptional work you have done for me and my family. I was so upset when I came out of the Vets office and noticed someone had ran onto the back of my car The damage was the back tail lights and the frame work around the lights. You were my hero, Thank you for making my car look like new again. You are such a pleasure to be around and your professionalism the utmost quality. My family and I have asked for your continued craftsman for many repairs now, the dent removal for my refrigerator, fiberglass work on our boat and to renew are headlights on several of our cars. Your amazing Bryan! Thank you! We wish you continued success and are so happy that you are here servicing the Florida Keys. Sincerely,” Natalie A of Big Pine Key

“I had prompt service and a perfect job on my brand new car which was restored to its original “new car” look. This was done all in one day while I was at work – no time off and no rental car needed. Brian was great.”– Susan G of Key West

“Dear Bryan, I want to express my thanks for the exceptional repairs you preformed on my ’06 Mercedes-Benz SLK350.
Bryan, I was referred to you by an auto detailer who recommended you highly. Since I probably tend to obsess about keeping my car looking like new, having a continual visual reminder of a recent scrape on my rear bumper gnawed at me more than it should. The paint repair on my bumper is incredible; it literally is like the accident never happened. I have to say honestly I was somewhat skeptical how well you could clear the faded headlight lens since I had myself tried various products with unsatisfactory results. Nonetheless I am utterly amazed how great they look. Until I met you, I had been driving to Miami for paintless dent repairs done through the service department of my dealership. You might say a costly undertaking in terms of time and money. I am thrilled to know you can do this work here locally and affordably. I make countless efforts to protect my car from careless dings so I hope I don’t have to see you again professionally but rest assured you will be my first call should I need. I greatly appreciate the convenience and how effortless you made the process by performing all the work at my home. Your professionalism and timeliness is reassuring especially in these days of mediocre service. Most of all the workmanship was excellent! Keep up the great work. Best of luck! Sincerely, Hugh K.” – Hugh K. of Key West

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