I have been doing paintless dent repair for over 9 years and have been in the auto body repair industry for over 20 years. Prior to going into business for myself, I was the manager of an auto body shop, and prior to that I was an insurance claims specialist for a major insurance company, as well as an ICAR and ASE certified auto body technician. In addition to my specialized paintless dent repair training, I also have years and years of auto body repair experience.

My wife, 3 kids & I recently relocated from Key West, Florida (which I visit once a month to take care of my long time clients) in order to be closer to my in-laws.

All New Again Sarasota started from a single vision. I had a vision to provide the best possible service and upmost compassion for my clients who absolutely love their cars but hate annoying dents. In the past decade I feel I have provided my clients with value beyond compare and will continue to do so for years to come.

I believe the foremost quality a paintless dent repair technician must possess is a meticulous spirit. There are many other attributes required to excel; patience, excellent interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, a knack for problem solving, artistic ability, and obviously a firm grasp of paintless dent repair techniques. But the most important is that narcissistic, perfectionist little gremlin sitting on his shoulder that is never satisfied.


It is a rare occasion where I can repair a dent and not see some slight imperfection rearing it's ugly and nearly invisible head, mocking my very existence. My point is, nothing is perfect. Especially for the perfectionist. My clients however, are thrilled with the results. My hope is that you will become my client, not just a customer. Clients are precious. Customers tend to come and go. My commitment to you as a client is to always put your best interests ahead of my own. Trusting relationships are forged that way.

Many people over the years have told me that they can get their dents fixed for a whole lot less. And that is true. My service is not for everyone. If you have taken the time to read this far, however, it just might be for you.

I provide mobile, high end dent repair with exceptional service.  I come to you and your vehicle.  Usually in just hours I can repair most dents and dings on your car.


All New Again Sarasota
All New Again Sarasota
All New Again Sarasota